Coronavirus Business Help Corner

Ensure Your Business Operations Never Get Disrupted

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is seriously impacting daily businesses operations of many enterprises. In their concern for health and safety of their employees, companies are encouraging staff to work from home in order to minimize threat of the outbreak. Fortunately there are a number of ways that companies can mitigate operational and communication problems they are facing.  Here are some tips on how to take advantage of ICT solutions to protect workforce, secure data and keep business going efficiently and productively.

Work smarter achieve more

The growth in companies adopting cloud services is changing how employees manage their work. Cloud Virtual Desktop is a cost-effective way to rapidly provision high-performance and secure Microsoft Windows or Linux desktops on public or private clouds. It provides employees a fast, on-demand access to company desktops in any environment, while keeping data safe at all times.  

Secure File Sharing enables employees to access and update files from any device to stay productive without compromising the security of your business data. 

Meet anywhere, work everywhere 

Smart Biz Line On-the-go enables employees to use their mobile phone to manage business lines at anytime, from anywhere, so they can stay connected and never miss any business call. When they are using this app to make a call, main office number will be displayed regardless of where they are. This respects the privacy of your employees, while enhancing your corporate image, and maintaining client confidence. 

You can also empower your remote employees by using Audio and Video Conferencing solutions which provide employees with “digital workplaces”. The solutions enable you to hold and join meetings easily anywhere to maintain real-time collaboration and foster swift decision making.

Access to your office resources from anywhere

Remote working has also created an increased demand for Remote Access solutions. The solutions provide secure access to critical corporate resources such as emails, files, intranet and enterprise applications from any web-enabled device such as laptop, smart phone or tablet, at any time, from anywhere. This ensures your business will continue to run smoothly and efficiently no matter what the circumstances.

Our solutions can be deployed as quickly as 1 working day to ensure your business operations never get disrupted. If you would like to know more about HKT Enterprise Solutions and our robust business continuity solutions, go to our website or contact us


Posted on 2020/03/27

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