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The Evolving Power Dynamic Between People and Organizations

If we think of life as a series of seismic waves, until a few years ago, things seemed to hum along quite nicely (in most places) with the occasional spike here and there. Now, though, the shocks feel relentless and wild, and sometimes it’s extremely unsettling. 

Providing vital foresight into people's changing behavior and evolving relationship with technology, Accenture Life Trends 2023 (formerly Fjord Trends), explores the evolving power dynamics between people and organizations. These will present incredible opportunities for businesses to develop relationships with customers like never before.

Here’s a snapshot of each trend: 

Trend 1: I will survive: permacrisis and human adaptability 
As people internalize instability as a norm, how they adapt will affect what they buy, and how they view brands and employers—and companies need to be ready.  
Trend 2: I’m a believer: what’s next for loyalty? 
New technologies are enabling a new wave of community-first, product-later models that will transform loyalty programs into true relationships.  
Trend 3: As it was: the importance of work intangibles  
The return to the office is not yet a success and leaders need to redesign their solution with clarity of purpose at the core and a life-centric approach to getting employees on board. 
Trend 4: OK, Creativity: AI puts creativity in people’s hands 
Once a tool for repetitive tasks, AI has become a co-pilot that’s available to everyone as part of their creative process, and organizations have decisions to make.  
Trend 5: Signed, sealed, delivered: Digital wallets: a question of adoption 
People may soon regain control of their data through digital wallets, and the devil is in the detail when we design to ensure adoption. 

The full report can be downloaded here.


Posted on 2022/12/14

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