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Cash Management in the Context of Covid-19

With the new pandemic, the world has changed faster in the past few days than any could have foreseen.  As the coronavirus spreads, uncertainty on business activity and cash flows rises radically. Thus, managing and forecasting cash flows in the context of Covid-19 has become a matter of survival for an unprecedented number of companies.

CFOs first had to regroup and organize their teams to put them back in working order.

Now working from home, those teams have to function from different locations but yet stand together to face a major challenge: optimize cash flows to ensure sufficient level of liquidity on short and longer terms.  

​As a consequence of Covid-19, future financial in- and outflows have become uncertain, putting liquidity more than ever under scrutiny. Getting a clear view of cash flows and being able to make stress testing and simulations is now a must. 

​Trying to tackle all dimensions at stake with cash management in the context of Covid-19 may turn out to be quite an arduous, exhausting and ultimately not so effective undertaking. CFOs should focus on the main actions to be performed, and subsequent questions to be asked, to successfully support cash management in the context of Covid-19 and make an impact.

The full report from SIA Partners can be read here


Posted on 2020/04/23

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