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Visit to SmarTone 5G Lab @sky100

A group of Chamber members visited the SmarTone 5G LAB @sky100 on 29 September to get a first-hand glimpse of how 5G technology is currently being applied across sectors including retail, transport, health and construction. The tour included an introduction to a range of current and upcoming initiatives, such as the safety monitoring system for the Tai Lam Tunnel and electric buses, which are supported by 5G and other innovative technologies such as big data, cloud and artificial intelligence. Members also took part in interactive displays and enjoyed panoramic views of the city skyline from the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre.

SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd
Anna Yip, Executive Director and CEO of SmarTone

Women in Innovation and Technology Series - Telecommunication

Anna Yip, Executive Director and CEO of SmarTone, discussed her working life with WEC Chairman Nikki Ng at webinar on 6 April. She introduced SmarTone’s recent development of the 5G network and its potential impact on different industries in the near future. Yip advised young people who are interested in starting their own technology business to gain some experience at established companies first to help them understand how business decisions are made in a well-structured organization. 

From a personal perspective, Yip also shared how she handled stress as a working mother and the head of a large telecoms company. She added that one of the ways she supported inclusion when she joined SmarTone in 2016 was by setting up nursing rooms, a facility that had been available at her previous employer, McKinsey & Company.

SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd
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