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Members learned about upcoming G communications technology applications

A Visit to HKT 5G Tech Carnival

On a visit to the HKT 5G Tech Carnival at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on 13 June, a group of members learned about some of the upcoming applications that will be made possible by the launch of 5G communications technology. Bruce Lam, Chief Marketing Officer at HKT, hosted the Chamber visitors. Echoing the Government’s Smart City vision, the carnival demonstrates how emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, robotics, the Internet of Things, data analytics and cloud computing can help businesses improve aspects including operational efficiency, sales and customer relationships.

Industry & Technology Committee Meeting at HKT

Visit to the HKT Data Centre

Members of the committee were given a guided tour of the latest networked facilities at HKT on 17 April. A committee meeting was also held at the Data Centre immediately before the tour.

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