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China Committee Meeting - The Key Developments at the Annual Two Sessions Meetings

Nick Chan, Hong Kong Deputy to the National People’s Congress, updated members at the China Committee meeting on 17 March on the key developments at the annual Two Sessions meetings. Chan, who is also a member of the Chamber’s China Committee, shared first-hand information from his attendance at these key meetings, which took place this year in Beijing from 4 to 11 March. He reported on the 6.1% increase in China’s GDP to reach RMB 99.1 trillion, and the announcement during the meetings of the GDP growth target of more than 6% for 2021. He also touched on the 14th Five Year Plan and highlighted the areas relating to Hong Kong’s development. While President Xi Jinping declared victory against poverty at the event, China is expected to have “basically achieved” its goal of becoming a modern socialist country by 2035, Chan added. More than 50 committee members joined the meeting physically or online.

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