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The Global Race for Talent: Where Does Hong Kong Stand?

An ageing population and increasing competition from GBA cities are putting further pressure on Hong Kong in the global race for talent. At a seminar on 20 October, Stephen Ching, Associate Professor at HKU Business School, and KC Kwok, CEO at the Hong Kong Academy of Finance, discussed the current manpower situation in the city and how it is affecting businesses. Hong Kong ranks at number 15 in the IMD World Talent Ranking 2020 and number six in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020. The speakers noted that while these figures show Hong Kong remains an attractive location, the city has slipped down the rankings in the past year. Another notable trend in Hong Kong is declining enrollment in sub-degree programmes, meaning that young people are entering the workforce earlier. More non-local graduates are also remaining in Hong Kong to work under the IANG Scheme. The speakers also discussed some of the measures in the recent Policy Address that aim to nurture talent and youth development, and facilitate people flow with the Mainland GBA cities.

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