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WEC Cynthia Usui Webinar Empowering Women - Rebuilding Careers

Empowering Women - Rebuilding Careers [Webinar]

Cynthia Usui, Country Manager of LOF Hotel Management, joined the Chamber for a webinar hosted by the Women Executives Club on 3 Aug to talk about her journey from a housewife to corporate high-flier.

Speaking to WEC Chairman Nikki Ng, Usui explained that she had stopped work to raise her daughter, and was out of the workforce for 15 years. She shared her personal experiences of transitioning back to the corporate environment and some practical tips from her book “Eight Things Full-Time Housewives Should Do Before Entering the Workforce.” She also shared some memorable anecdotes including her struggles during the job-seeking phase as well as insights into how being out of her comfort zone helped her to foster a determined mindset.

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