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Economic Reboot - Reinventing Hong Kong's Economy

Amidst the challenges brought on by the pandemic, social unrest and geopolitical tensions, how to revitalize the Hong Kong economy has been a question on the table. At a seminar on 13 July, Heiwai Tang, Professor of Economics at the University of Hong Kong, and Michael Spencer, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Asia Pacific at Deutsche Bank, shed lights on the way forward for Hong Kong if it were to remain relevant and competitive in a post-covid landscape. As well as an ageing population, Hong Kong could also face a hollowing of its middle class due to the shrinking of three of our four pillar industries. To avoid being left behind, the city needed to broaden its horizons through greater investment in R&D. The speakers also discussed the opening of the border with the Mainland over the next few decades, but Hong Kong will need to look beyond its traditional strengths if it was to capitalize on the GBA opportunities. This session was the first in a series of events co-organized with the HKU Business School to consider some of the more pressing issues faced in the city.

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