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Thriving in a Post-Covid Era Through Innovation and Introduction to the Selection Criteria of the 2021-22 HKAI: Innovation and Creativity

At a webinar on 8 July, Austin Bryan, Senior Director, Innovations & Ventures, CLP Holdings Limited, Toa Charm, Associate Professor, CUHK Business School and Founder, Dr. Charm & Co and Fred Ngan, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Bowtie, shared their experience in pursuing corporate innovation to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Speakers spoke on the implications of digitization and their companies’ initiatives in fostering a culture of innovation to anticipate market needs and wow customers. These included avoiding being entrenched in a so-called comfort zone and to adopt a start-up mentality of being lean and hungry.

There was also a briefing on the Innovation and Creativity category of the 2021-22 Hong Kong Awards for Industries as the Chamber Secretariat provided information on the background, selection criteria and past winners to the Awards.


CLP Holdings LtdCUHK Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong, The
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