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Experts discuss ways to combat illegal wildlife trade and protect biodiversity

Sustainability Summit - Animal, Health, Environment: Biodiversity

Declining biodiversity is one of the many environmental challenges that we must address through international cooperation and public-private partnerships, said President of the Basel Convention COP-15 Osvaldo Alvarez.

Alvarez made his remarks at the virtual Sustainability Submit: Animal, Health and Environment: Biodiversity organized by the Chamber and the Institute of International Sustainable Development on 4 March, during which a panel of experts shared their views on conservation issues.

Chinali Patel, Consul – International Illicit Finance Policy Lead at the British Consulate-General Hong Kong, spoke on the importance of public-private partnerships in combating the illegal wildlife trade. She was joined by Francesco Ricciardi, Environmental Specialist from the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department at the Asian Development Bank, who provided an overview of the wildlife trafficking situation around the world, including in Hong Kong. 

Also on the panel was Andrew Mead, Chief Architect with the MTR Corporation, who shared his company’s approach to protecting biodiversity including plans to build more eco-friendly stations. Bosco Chan, Head of Kadoorie Conservation China Department at Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, was also on hand to share his organization’s conservation projects, including to protect endangered wild cattle in Cambodia and Yunnan Province.

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