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Appellants should watch out for high legal costs as tax appeal cases might end up in the highest court

Filing a Tax Appeal – What You Need to Know

Taxpayers who appeal their tax assessment before the Board of Review may be aware that they could be ordered to pay legal expenses of not more than HK$25,000. But the actual cost of appeal could be much higher than that, as both appellants and the Inland Revenue Department have the right to challenge the Board’s decision and take their cases as far as the Court of Final Appeal. 

At a webinar on 22 January, Wilson Cheng, Partner at EY, explained the procedure in lodging an appeal with the Board of Review, and shared a number of cases to help members better understand the Board’s rulings. He explained that the total cost of appeal could exceed HK$10 million if a case ended up in the highest court. Companies were advised to ensure they had the financial wherewithal to do so before filing a tax appeal. 

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