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Indoor Map Technology in Hong Kong

Smart Mobility - Completing the Last Mile through Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping technology can create better visitor experiences and enhance efficiency in operations through a better understanding of user behaviour. It can also facilitate targeted messaging to customers and users, and help to improve building design. Despite the benefits of this technology and a potentially large market, indoor navigation solutions are not so widely available compared to those for outdoors, because of the unique challenges presented by indoor settings, as well as issues such as implementation costs.

At a Chamber webinar on 12 January, Dr John Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Maphive Technology, discussed his company’s experience in overcoming these difficulties to develop a pioneering indoor mapping solution. He said that this technology has been well received in Hong Kong and overseas markets due its effectiveness and cost competitiveness. Chan also discussed the social benefits that indoor mapping brings and how it can support Hong Kong’s quest to become a smart city.

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