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Trends and future prospects in digitizing financial services

Beyond banking: Current trends and future prospects in digitizing financial services

The arrival of virtual banks has spurred the adoption of mobile banking in Hong Kong, but how do the apps available here compare to those in other markets? Etienne Ranwez, Manager, Financial Services of Sia Partners, shared the results of a recent report on mobile banking at a webinar on 10 June. The study compared the features, functionalities and user experience of 60 mobile banking applications in Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe, and assessed their relative strengths, pain-points and future expectations.

He was joined by Emil Chan, FinTech Committee Chairman of the Smart City Consortium, and Lawrence Li, Board Director at the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, for a panel discussion on the impact of virtual banks and open banking on the local mobile banking landscape, as well as mobile banking trends in Hong Kong and Singapore. In particular, they touched on the challenges with remote customer onboarding and digital payments.

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