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Smart Airport: New Technologies to Serve Passengers

Smart Airport: New Technologies to Serve Passengers

Chris Au Young, General Manager, Smart Airport, Airport Authority Hong Kong, briefed members on the progress of the “Smart Airport Initiatives” at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at a Chamber roundtable on 29 May. Some of the latest applications include facial recognition in the terminals, patrol robots, trolley recirculation and automated self-check-in counters. He also introduced the “HKG My Flight” app, which uses augmented reality to provide navigation and signage translation, and the “My Tag” baggage label that alerts passengers when their luggage is ready for collection. Au Young pointed out that these developments were necessary to maintain and improve the airport’s high standards of service. The Airport Authority welcomes innovative ideas and has worked with hundreds of start-ups to ensure it has access to cutting-edge technology, he said. HKIA Innovation Lab was also set up to facilitate the different parties working together, Au Young explained, adding that only with such collaborative efforts will HKIA become a smarter airport. HKIA ranked third in international passenger traffic numbers last year, and has been first in cargo traffic for the past consecutive nine years.

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