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Producer Responsibility Scheme for Plastic Beverage Containers: How Will It Work?

Members exchanged views with Government officials on the proposed Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers (PPRS) at a Chamber webinar on 8 April. 

In connection with an ongoing public consultation on PPRS, Iris Lee, Assistant Director at the Environmental Protection Department, explained that the Government’s proposed scheme was consistent with its Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035, which is intended to uphold the principle of “polluter pays” and facilitate the creation of a circular economy in the city. Her colleague Stephen Siu, Principal Environmental Protector Officer, then gave more details about the intended scope and features of the scheme. 

The officials were joined by Paul Zimmerman, Chairman of Drink Without Waste, a cross-industry working group focused on reducing single-use beverage packing, who stressed the importance of setting a recycling target for PPRS. He also suggested reducing the number of exemptions under the proposed scheme, which would achieve a more meaningful reduction in plastic waste.

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