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ICT solutions and support for businesses impacted by Covid-19

Weathering the storm: ICT solutions and support for businesses impacted by Covid-19

As companies across the globe strive to maintain normal work routines under the various social distancing regulations imposed by governments, remote working seems to be the way of the future. At a webinar on 24 April, experts discussed the options available to make remote working runs as smoothly as possible. Jenny Lo, Customer Success Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Hong Kong; Nancy Ting, Head of Consumer & Brand Marketing at Google Hong Kong; and Peter Pang, Co-owner & Associate Director, Major Accounts at HKBN Enterprise Solutions, introduced their latest ICT solutions and support measures for businesses impacted by the coronavirus. Also at the webinar, Kok Tin Gan, Partner, Dark Lab - Cyber Security & Privacy at PwC, highlighted the cybersecurity issues surrounding remote working and shared some work-from-home best practices, such as those relating to holding secure video-conferences and managing identity and access.

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