HKGCC Free Ride Day

HKGCC Free Ride Day was launched in 2011 as part of events to celebrate the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s birthday, which was established on May 29, 1861. Members of the public can ride on Hong Kong trams and the Star Ferry for free on Free Ride Day on 29 November. These are two of Hong Kong's oldest and most popular forms of transportation and, like HKGCC, have contributed significantly to the growth and prosperity of Hong Kong. In 2019, Free Ride Day will be held on 29 November to celebrate HKGCC’s 158th anniversary.

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HKGCC Free Ride Day

HKGCC celebrated its 152nd anniversary on May 29 by offering free rides on trams and the Star Ferry. Over 300,000 passengers benefited from HKGCC Free Ride Day, which also showcased HKGCC’s desire to contribute to the community, and allowed the public will gain a better understanding of HKGCC.

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HKGCC Free Ride Day: Building a Prosperous Hong Kong with All Members of Society

To celebrate the 152nd anniversary of HKGCC on May 29, the Chamber will again organize ‘Free Ride Day,’ which will allow members of the public to ride on trams and two Star Ferry routes free of charge. This is the third year that HKGCC has organized ‘Free Ride Day,’ which was extremely well-received by members of the public in the past two years.HKGCC Chairman C K Chow said at a press conference on May 9 that the event is HKGCC’s way of showing its care for the community, along with 53 members who have sponsored the event. Press Release >>

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HKGCC Free Ride Day a Huge Success

The tinkling of bells kicked off the opening ceremony of the HKGCC Free Ride Day on May 29, the Chamber’s birthday, which allowed people to travel for free all day on trams and two Star Ferry routes. An estimated 300,000 people from all walks of life benefitted from the event.

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HKGCC Free Ride Day

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce will organize its ‘HKGCC Free Ride Day’ on May 29, the date of our establishment in 1861, to show our care for the community. On that day, people will be able to ride on trams and two main Star Ferry routes free of charge. Press Release >>

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HKGCC 150th Anniversary Free Ride Day

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce offered a “HKGCC 150th Anniversary Free Ride Day” on June 9 to mark this historic milestone of the Chamber. The rides were available throughout the day on two of Hong Kong’s oldest and most iconic transport systems, the Tramways and the Star Ferry.   Chamber Chairman Anthony Wu, CEO Alex Fong, General Committee Member Manohar Chugh, handed out special First Day Cover commemorative stamps to lucky commuters on the Star Ferry and Trams in the morning.

HKGCC 150th Anniversary Free Ride Day
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