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綠金崛起 生意盎然 交通銀行呈獻《香港01》經濟高峰論壇2022 Bank of Communications Co., Ltd presents - HK01 Economic Summit 2022

綠金崛起 生意盎然 交通銀行呈獻《香港01》經濟高峰論壇2022





時間:上午9:00 至 下午2:00


Bank of Communications Co., Ltd presents - HK01 Economic Summit 2022

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Sustainability is a worldly concerned issue, leading the green economy full of prosperous business opportunity and livability. Hong Kong is committed a set of targets to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, hence the vision has elevated Hong Kong’s position to a new height in its international financing and trading aspects. Presented by Bank of Communications Co., Ltd, HK01 Economic Summit 2022 will gather up market leaders and industrial professions from China and Hong Kong to introduce new paradigms on finance and economy, and to provide guidance in the transformational businesses as new models for sustainable economies in Hong Kong. Register to the live programme!

Date 2022/12/08
Organiser HK01
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