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Enhance Brand Image with Consumer Caring Scheme 2021 「貼心企業嘉許計劃2021」提升品牌形象

***Members of HKGCC can join “Consumer Caring Scheme 2021” at special price***


Consumer caring is a pivotal element for businesses to stay competitive. Local companies from multiple industries have joined GS1 HK’s Consumer Caring Scheme to boost consumer confidence.

Join now if your companies have adopted the following 4 “consumer-first” strategies – Consumer Centric, Conforming to Commitment, Strive for Quality and Caring for staff. HKGCC members can now join the Scheme at special price, and promote your products online on GS1 HK BARzaar for FREE after joining!

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Contact GS1 HK to learn more (Tel: 2863 9723; email: or by filling in the form here:





如您的企業有於業務營運上實行「以客為先」4大策略 -以消費者為中心、追求品質、信守承諾及關愛員工,就可參加。HKGCC會員現可以優惠價參加計劃,成為貼心企業後更可免費於GS1 HK BARzaar網上平台宣傳產品!


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