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Hong Kong Accreditation Services (HKAS) | 香港認可處

The testing and certification (T&C) industry has been an important partner of local enterprises. Laboratories and inspection bodies provide testing and inspection services for quality assurance, while certification bodies offer various management system and product certification to help enterprises enhance their products and services.

Hong Kong’s T&C industry is supported by a robust and internationally-recognised accreditation system. “Accreditation” is the third-party recognition of laboratories, certification bodies or inspection bodies for their competence in carrying out specific tasks. It assures that results produced by these bodies are reliable.

Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Innovation and Technology Commission provides accreditation service to T&C bodies through the Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) , Kong Certification Body Accreditation Scheme (HKCAS) and Kong Inspection Body Accreditation Scheme (HKIAS). The accreditation is widely recognised in over 100 economies, including all of Kong's major trading partners. By engaging T&C bodies accredited by HKAS, local enterprises can enjoy more dependable services and increase their competitiveness in the global market. Interested parties please click here or contact HKAS at 2829 4840 or

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健全及獲國際認受的認可制度一直支援本港檢測和認證業的發展。 「認可」是由獨立第三方發出證明,承認一間實驗所、認證機構或檢驗機構有能力進行特定檢測認證工作,以確保檢測認證結果的可靠性。

創新科技署轄下的香港認可處(認可處)透過香港實驗所認可計劃(HOKLAS) 、香港認證機構認可計劃 (HKCAS)和香港檢驗機構認可計劃(HKIAS) 為檢測認證機構提供認可服務。此認可資格獲得過百個經濟體認受,當中包括所有香港的主要貿易夥伴。透過聘用獲認可處認可的檢測認證機構,本地企業可獲得更可靠的服務,並加強全球競爭力。有興趣人士請按此或直接與認可處聯絡 (電話:28294840;電郵。




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