Manpower Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

To ensure that Hong Kong has an appropriate workforce and environment to allow Hong Kong to succeed in the global arena.

2) Objectives

To study and advise the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on issues (designated now as "Manpower Issues") that impact on the mission, including both policies and practices:


  • Population policies
  • Immigration policies
  • Education issues such as language policy, professional qualifications etc
  • Workforce pay level
  • Civil service reform and pay
  • Legislation affecting the workforce and the environment
  • Unemployment problems
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Staff training and development at a community level
  • And any other subjects as may arise from time to time dealing with ensuring a workforce that can help Hong Kong''s competitiveness


  • Non-salary and compensation benefits
  • Provision for retirement/MPF/insurance
  • Good employment practices and policies
  • Staff training and development
  • Industrial relations
  • And any other subjects related to employer/employee relations

3) Workplan

  • To identify areas of interest, obstacles and problems on manpower issues listed above for discussion and action by the committee.
  • To initiate projects, studies, seminars, training courses, articles, or any other activities on manpower issues listed above.
  • To liaise as necessary with other Committees of the Chamber and with non-Chamber organizations, both locally and internationally, on manpower issues.
  • To lobby with governments, including the Hong Kong SAR Government, the PRC government, and any relevant foreign governments on manpower issues.
  • To carry out any other related work on manpower issues at the request of the General Committee or Directorate.

4) Membership

  • The Committee is open to corporate members of the Chamber who wish to join, subject to the approval of the Chairman of the committee and the Directorate.
  • The Committee shall strive for a membership mixture of fifty-percent senior executives with management responsibility over company workforce, and fifty- percent senior human resources professionals.
  • Members shall observe the "Guidelines for Chamber Committees".

5) Member''s Duties

  • To attend Committee meetings. (Note: Members who fail to attend 3 consecutive Committee meetings may be invited to resign.)
  • To participate in, time permitting, activities initiated / endorsed by the Committee.
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