Industry & Technology Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

To study and advise the General Committee and Directorate on issues/areas pertinent to industrial and technology development in Hong Kong.

2) Membership

  • The Committee is open to Chamber corporate members in the industry, technology or related fields, and members possessing relevant knowledge.
  • Chamber individual associate members possessing relevant knowledge may apply as observers to the Committee.
  • Committee membership is subject to agreement by the committee's chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • Members should observe the "Guidelines for HKGCC Committees".

3) Objectives

  • To study and advise the Chamber on the following issues:and such other related subjects as may arise from time to time.
    • Industrial policy and strategy
    • Quality management and productivity
    • Testing and certification
    • Technology advancement and R&D
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Design management
  • To encourage development of high value-added industries and advanced technologies in Hong Kong.
  • To initiate studies, seminars or any other activities on issues related to industry and technology.
  • To carry out any other related work at the request of the General Committee or Directorate.

updated on 26 Feb, 2013