Economic Policy Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

To study and advise the General Committee and Chamber Directorate on Government economic policy, economic reports and draft legislation likely to affect trade, commerce, industry, finance or services, and the general economic environment and future of Hong Kong.

2) Membership

  • The Committee is open to any Full Member of the Chamber. Committee members should be qualified professional economists, or individuals working in the field of economics or economics-related work in the in the business or financial sectors.
  • Chamber individual associate members who wish to apply as observers to the Committee should possess similar professional background.
  • Committee membership is subject to agreement by the committee chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • Members may nominate others similarly qualified to attend meetings on their behalf by prior arrangement with the Committee Chairman.
  • Members should observe the “Guidelines for HKGCC Committees”.

3) Objectives

  • To initiate general studies and specific research projects on economic issues affecting, or likely to affect, trade, commerce, industry, finance or the general economy of Hong Kong.
  • To initiate studies of the economies of Hong Kong’s Asian neighbours and major trade, investment or business partners to assess the relative competitiveness and performance of the Hong Kong economy and/or economic initiatives undertaken by them which may directly or indirectly affect Hong Kong.
  • To prepare reports and submissions for presentation to Government on various aspects of the Hong Kong economy and the future economic policy options available to Government.
  • To liaise, where necessary, with other Committees of the Chamber and with outside commercial, industrial and professional associations, and with government, both locally and internationally.
  • To direct the formulation of an independent Chamber economic view and ensure its dissemination to relevant bodies, both within and outside Hong Kong.
  • To carry out any other related work the General Committee or the Directorate, might, from time-to-time, request.
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