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WEC CoCoon Exclusive Visit

Exclusive Visit to CoCoon

Members of the Chamber enjoyed a visit to CoCoon, one of Hong Kong’s earliest and largest co-working spaces for start-ups and entrepreneurs on 18 October. The event was hosted by WEC Executive Committee member Erica Ma, who is also Co-founder of CoCoon.

During the visit, members heard about the history of CoCoon and some of the initiatives the company is currently involved in, such as its Google for Startups partnership, before embarking on a guided tour around the co-working space. After the tour, members also watched presentations from Xccelerate and MPower Technologies, two start-ups stationed at CoCoon whose products and services are helping to transform the digital ecosystem.

HKGCC Guided Tour To Swire Believe In Hong Kong Exhibition WEC

A Guided Tour to Swire 'Believe in Hong Kong' Exhibition

WEC Members enjoyed a guided tour of Swire’s “Believe in Hong Kong” exhibition on 11 October. The exhibition celebrates Swire’s more than 150 years of doing business in Hong Kong, and contains many historical artifacts and photographs that showcase the company’s involvement in so many aspects of city, including the development of our land, air and sea industries.

Besides exploring Swire’s history as a major corporate in Hong Kong, members also learned about the company’s philanthropy work and how the group has been giving back to the city by setting up various educational funds and charities.

HKGCC WEC Food Angel Care and Food Packages

HKGCC Community Project: Care and Food Packages to Food Angel

The Chamber’s Women Executives Club (WEC) teamed up with Food Angel to prepare care packages for Hong Kong’s elderly citizens and families in need ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival. Volunteer members came to the Chamber on 11 September to prepare the packages, which included daily necessities such as rice, noodles, body wash and toothpaste, as well as festive treats like mooncakes and Chinese sausages. Some volunteer members distributed the packages at Food Angel Community Centre in Sham Shui Po on 14 September, where they had a chance to meet some of the beneficiaries in person.

With the generous support of members, close to $340,000 of in-kind and cash donations were contributed for this event. General Committee member Jennifer Chan, WEC Chairman Nikki Ng, Chamber CEO George Leung, and Food Angel Founder Gigi Tung, were among the volunteers at the event.

WEC Women in F&B Webinar

Women in the F&B Industry - Embracing Business Agility [Webinar]

Three female leaders in the food and beverage industry told their inspiring stories at the Women Executives Club’s panel discussion, hosted by the Chamber’s General Committee Member Jennifer Chan, on 18 August. Randy Lai, CEO of McDonald’s Hong Kong, Jennifer Liu, Founder and Chairwoman of The Coffee Academïcs, and Yenn Wong, CEO and Founder of JIA Group also discussed the many trends and changes that they have witnessed over the years, and how their restaurants have adapted to changing tastes as well as the challenges and opportunities brought about by the pandemic. 

WEC Cynthia Usui Webinar Empowering Women - Rebuilding Careers

Empowering Women - Rebuilding Careers [Webinar]

Cynthia Usui, Country Manager of LOF Hotel Management, joined the Chamber for a webinar hosted by the Women Executives Club on 3 Aug to talk about her journey from a housewife to corporate high-flier.

Speaking to WEC Chairman Nikki Ng, Usui explained that she had stopped work to raise her daughter, and was out of the workforce for 15 years. She shared her personal experiences of transitioning back to the corporate environment and some practical tips from her book “Eight Things Full-Time Housewives Should Do Before Entering the Workforce.” She also shared some memorable anecdotes including her struggles during the job-seeking phase as well as insights into how being out of her comfort zone helped her to foster a determined mindset.

WEC Tai O Excursion HKGCC

WEC Tai O Heritage Excursion

Members of the Chamber’s Women Executives Club enjoyed an exclusive guided tour of Tai O on 28 July to explore the village on the western coast of Lantau Island. Participants learnt about the history of the fishing village as well as the Tai O Heritage Hotel, a conservation project that has turned the former police headquarters building into a relaxing modern getaway.

After the guided tour of the hotel by staff members of Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, members also took the chance to explore the village and bring home souvenirs unique to Tai O, including local delicacies such as the famous shrimp paste.

Women in Philanthropy Series - Social Welfare

Women in Philanthropy Series - Social Welfare

Renowned social worker and former politician Dr Rosanna Wong, Senior Advisor of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, joined the Chamber for a webinar on 15 July, part of the Women in Philanthropy series hosted by our Women Executives Club. Dr Wong shared with the audience how the influence of her family had first encouraged her to get involved in volunteer work. She also discussed how the youth social work environment has changed throughout her career, as well as some of her more memorable projects in recent years. During the talk with WEC Chairman Nikki Ng, Dr Wong also encouraged young people in Hong Kong to explore their passions outside of school and work, and shared some tips on how to go about joining different interest groups in the city, including those provided by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

Women in Innovation and Technology Series - Modern Solutions Webinar

Women in Innovation and Technology Series - Modern Solutions [Webinar]

Three veterans of the innovation and technology sector joined the Chamber for a webinar on 3 June hosted by the Women Executives Club. The discussion was moderated by WEC Chairman Nikki Ng and joined by three guests – Karena Belin, Co-Founder & CEO of WHub and Co-Founder & COO of AngelHub; Denise Che, CEO of Wisers; and Caecilia Chu, Co-Founder and CEO of YouTrip.

During the panel discussion, the speakers each shared how their careers in the start-up, big data and fintech spaces had begun, as well as the various challenges they faced along the way. In addition, while Covid-19 has presented unprecedented problems to many industries, our three guests shed light on how the pandemic has provided new opportunities for growth and innovation in their areas of expertise.

Path to Diplomacy - A Conversation with the Consul General of Singapore in Hong Kong [Webinar]

Path to Diplomacy - A Conversation with the Consul General of Singapore in Hong Kong [Webinar]

Consul General Foo Teow Lee of the Consulate General of Singapore in Hong Kong spoke at a webinar hosted by the Chamber’s Women Executives Club on 17 May to share her experience of working in diplomacy and international relations.

During the discussion, Foo told WEC Chairman Nikki Ng about her career journey into the diplomatic space and shared some stories of living and working in China for over a decade. Consul General Foo also discussed the differences and similarities of living in Mainland China, Hong Kong and her home country of Singapore.

Private Guided Tour to "Photographs from the 1950s: Marjorie Doggett

Private Guided Tour to "Photographs from the 1950s: Marjorie Doggett's Singapore, Lee Fook Chee's Hong Kong"

Members of the Women Executives Club enjoyed an exclusive guided tour of "Photographs from the 1950s: Marjorie Doggett's Singapore, Lee Fook Chee's Hong Kong" at Sino Plaza on 13 May. Curated by photographic historian Edward Stokes, the exhibition showcases a range of exquisite photographs from Marjorie Doggett, a pioneering female photographer who specialized in the buildings of Singapore, and Lee Fook Chee, a self-taught photographer who focused on the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

The exhibition was organized by the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation with support from the Consulate-General of Singapore in Hong Kong as part of the celebrations for Sino Group’s 50th anniversary. WEC Chairman Nikki Ng hosted members on this tour.


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