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Promotion of Testing and Certification Services

Our ref: ITC/AF/TS/101
22 October 2009

Mrs Rita Lau
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
1/F - 2/F Murray Building
Garden Road Central
Hong Kong

Dear Rita

Promotion of Testing and Certification Services

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce welcomes the initiatives unveiled by the Chief Executive in his Policy Address aimed at enhancing Hong Kong's competitiveness. It is a pragmatic account of the areas where steady hands are needed for further development of our economy.

In regard to promoting Hong Kong's testing and certification services, the Chamber had formed a working group, comprising members of the industry, professional, testing and certification sectors, to gather views on ways to promote the testing and certification industry. Noting the growing demand for certification by foreign buyers, increasing concerns on product safety by consumers, and rising demand for testing and inspection services by Chinese manufacturers, the Group felt that there are things the Government can do to advance business opportunities in this sector.

Specifically, members of the working group have come up with two suggestions for your consideration.

1. The rapidly-changing quality and certification standards of the world markets have created difficulties for some businesses in evaluating and conducting risk assessment, insurance management and legal preparation in the early stage of product development. The Government could be a major source of information on changing regulatory and standards in major overseas markets. The Government should consider how best to step up this information gathering capability through its overseas offices network and disseminating them to the business community in Hong Kong through conduits such as the HKGCC.

2. The rapid growth of the Chinese economy and trade has led to increasing demand for inspection and certification services, both within Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Although the Chinese Government has already established a comprehensive testing and certification system, Hong Kong's testing and certification services are perceived as more in line with international standards and are well recognised for their professionalism and integrity. The Government should find ways to pursue greater recognition of Hong Kong's accreditation services by the Mainland authorities, and help the industry to gain greater access to the Mainland market under CEPA.

The Chamber is eager to continue engagement with the Government on the issue. We look forward to discussing the matter with you or your colleagues when you feel you have more specific initiatives you may wish us in helping to collect views from our members.


Alex Fong

c.c. Prof Ching Pak-chung, Chairman, Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification
Mr Duncan Pescod, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology)


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