Submissions and Reports

2016/05/20Review of Statutory Minimum Wage Rate
Regarding the Minimum Wage Commission’s consultation exercise on the review of the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) rate, given the recent economic slowdown and gloomy outlook, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce believes that the Commission should pay particular attention to keeping the appropriate balance of not having unduly low wages, minimizing job loss and sustaining Hong Kong’s economic growth and competitiveness in determining the wage rate. Therefore, we would like the Commission to consider maintaining the SMW rate unchanged at the current level.
2016/01/28Legislative Proposals on Regulation of Edible Fats and Oils and Recycling of “Waste Cooking Oils”
The Chamber supports the protection and promotion of public health as it is important to Hong Kong’s sustainable development. We believe that an effective regime will not be achieved by over-regulation, but rather, there should be a combination of sensible regulation, business-friendly compliance and effective public education.

2015/09/01Topside Development at Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Island of HZMB
The Chamber supports the HKBCF Island project to take advantage of the synergistic effect brought about by the existing transport infrastructure, tourism and leisure facilities, and cultural resources in the Lantau Island and strategically develop the Island into a bridgehead economy.
2014/11/26Further views on the draft Hong Kong Code of Marketing and Quality of Formula Milk and Related Products, and Food Products for Infants and Young Children
2014/07/22Individual Visit Scheme
2014/05/21Proposed Working Hour Legislation
2014/05/16Review of Statutory Minimum Wage Rate
2014/04/01Standard Working Hours
2014/02/21Public Engagement Exercise on Population Policy
2013/06/14Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags
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