Submissions and Reports

2019/10/10Submission on Public Consultation on 2025 Air Quality Objectives Review
The Chamber welcomes and supports efforts by the Government to progressively tighten the Air Quality Objectives. We believe air pollution remains very much a public health challenge that needs to be addressed through more ambitious targets and closer collaboration among businesses, civil society and policy makers.
2019/09/20Submission on Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy
The Chamber welcomes and supports efforts by the Council for Sustainable Development to engage the public on developing a long-term decarbonisation strategy for Hong Kong. We believe the exercise of reducing our carbon footprint will require extensive and concerted efforts across all segments of the community.
2018/10/18Consultation Paper on Legislative Proposal to Upgrade Fire Safety of Old Industrial Buildings
The Chamber appreciates the Government’s effort to update fire safety standards in pre-1987 industrial buildings as a means to enhance public safety. At the same time, the Chamber has pointed to the need for flexibility in the application of the standards to take into account variances in the design and structure of industrial buildings. The Chamber has also called for a review of the Code of Practice for Minimum Fire Service Installations and Equipment to better cater for technological advancements and changes in commercial use in the industrial buildings.
2018/09/11Public Consultation on Land for Hong Kong: Our Home, Our Say!
The Chamber supports a multi-pronged and holistic approach to enhancing land supply for all purposes including housing. To this end, the Government should establish a single policy unit to oversee all land and housing related policies, map out a long-term, stable and reliable land supply plan with a clear deliverable timetable, and expedite and simplify the development process, as well as the town planning process.
2018/09/11Public Consultation on Policy Review of Private Recreational Leases
In the interest of clarity and certainty, renewal of private recreational leases should be the norm unless there are compelling reasons such as non-compliance with lease conditions or overriding public interest to justify non-renewal. There are also reservations about the proposal to charge private sports clubs a higher land premium as this could jeopardize the ability of these clubs to carry on as viable entities and contribute to sports development in Hong Kong.
2018/07/04Development of Site 3 at Central Harbourfront
Hong Kong’s iconic Central Harbourfront is of key importance to the city, therefore the Chamber believes that the highest price should not be the main criterion when determining who wins the tender for the development of Site 3. A “two-envelope” approach -- whereby design proposals are assessed before financial submissions are considered -- would help ensure that the development provides a pleasant environment for citizens while helping maximize the city’s appeal to tourists.
2017/12/11Working Towards a More Efficient Town Planning Process
The Chamber proposes the setting up of a one-stop shop and harmonization of standards and requirements with respect to town planning applications, as well as enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Town Planning Board.
2017/09/20HKGCC’s Response to “Smart Hong Kong Consultancy Study Report”
The Chamber has all along been supporting the Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely to develop Hong Kong into a smart city. While the business sector would like to see prompt and concrete actions of a smart government, we therefore urge the Government to be more swift and resolute in breaking through the bureaucratic routine and take the lead to scale up the momentum immediately.
2017/04/27Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030
The Chamber welcomes the Government's proposals under the updated masterplan "Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030." It is encouraging that the Government is planning to build a green, smart and liveable city, but the Chamber worries about how various master plans such as “Hong Kong 2030+,” “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint,” “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+” and “Railway Development Strategy 2014” can be aligned with each other; and how labour supply and talent development can meet demand for our future development.
2017/02/15Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print Consultancy Study
The Chamber supports the HKSAR Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely as an accelerator to develop Hong Kong into a smart city, and emphasize the fundamental importance of Smart Government and Smart Citizen among the six themes for the development of an innovative and sustainable smart city.
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