Submissions and Reports

2024/01/12EMSD Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance
The Chamber is generally supportive of the Government’s proposals to strengthen the energy efficiency of buildings and minimize Hong Kong’s carbon footprint through amending the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap.610) (BEEO). At the same time, as this initiative would entail the expansion of the nature and scope of buildings which would be included under the BEEO, we recommend that consideration could be given by the Government to assessing the necessity and practicality of the proposed measures, as well as further consulting industry stakeholders on the implications of related amendments, so as to strike the right balance between meeting carbon neutrality goals and business needs.
2023/07/11Legislative Proposal to Streamline the Arrangement for Extension of Land Leases
The Chamber welcomes and supports the Development Bureau’s legislative proposal to streamline the arrangement for the extension of land leases as it would enhance clarity and certainty, as well as reduce cost for businesses and households. We venture to suggest that consideration be given to such aspects as including special purpose leases in its scope and extending the gazette notice period to allow greater certainty for commercial planning and investment purposes.
2023/03/29Proposed Measures to Update and Streamline the Compulsory Sale Regime
The Chamber welcomes and supports the Development Bureau’s proposed measures to update and streamline the Compulsory Sale Regime. While we believe this is in the right direction to expedite the pace of urban redevelopment and help address Hong Kong’s chronic housing shortage, we venture to suggest that there may be scope for further refining the proposals to ensure that the measures proposed are sufficient to induce market-driven initiatives for larger-scale and comprehensive redevelopment while taking into account minority owners’ interests.
2023/03/08Review of the Talent List
The Chamber welcomes the Government’s initiative to update the Talent List to address Hong Kong’s acute talent shortage situation and sustain a competitive economy, and puts forward recommendations on the necessary high-skilled professions for inclusion in the same.
2022/10/19Consultation Paper on Cyber-dependent Crimes and Jurisdictional Issues
The Chamber welcomes the HKLRC’s proposals to introduce a bespoke law that deals with the proliferation of cyber-dependent crimes given the risks of such illegal acts on Hong Kong’s businesses. The Chamber has also called for a balanced approach in the design of the new law so that other than the objective of protecting public interest, consideration should also be given to upholding business’ legitimate needs.
2022/07/18Consultation on Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2022
HKGCC supports the Government’s policy objective of improving health and safety at work. However, we believe that it can be achieved more effectively by means other than significantly raising penalties, and doubling the period for summons from six months to one year as proposed.
2021/03/19Consultation Paper on Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards
The Chamber agrees with the Government that there is the need to address the abuse of SIM Cards for criminal purposes, but suggests that consideration should also be given to attendant issues such as data privacy implications and efficacy of a mandatory registration system. In light of the social impact that such regulatory changes may bring, the Chamber recommends that efforts be made to better define the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders, namely, users, operators, and regulators under the proposed programme.
2021/03/16Consultation Paper on Outcome Related Fee Structures for Arbitration
The Chamber agrees with the Law Reform Commission’s proposals to relax the current prohibition of outcome-related fee structures for arbitration to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an arbitration centre, but suggests that a phased approach be adopted to the implementation of flexible fee structures. Due consideration should also be given to the protection of the interests of smaller businesses opting for such a means of dispute resolution.
2019/10/10Submission on Public Consultation on 2025 Air Quality Objectives Review
The Chamber welcomes and supports efforts by the Government to progressively tighten the Air Quality Objectives. We believe air pollution remains very much a public health challenge that needs to be addressed through more ambitious targets and closer collaboration among businesses, civil society and policy makers.
2019/09/20Submission on Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy
The Chamber welcomes and supports efforts by the Council for Sustainable Development to engage the public on developing a long-term decarbonisation strategy for Hong Kong. We believe the exercise of reducing our carbon footprint will require extensive and concerted efforts across all segments of the community.
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