Update on 2022 HKGCC Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

We refer to our e-mail to Members dated 20 April 2022, informing them that, on the same date, the Notice of the Chamber’s 2022 Annual General Meeting, and other documents pertaining to the AGM, had been posted on the Chamber’s website. The AGM has been scheduled for 13 May 2022 at 6 pm, subject to Government regulations prevailing at that time.
We wish to update Members on the current position. Although physical (as opposed to virtual) AGMs are now currently permitted, until at least 4 May 2022, this is under very strict conditions. If physical AGMs continue to be permitted as of 13 May, the date of our AGM, this is likely to be subject to the same stringent conditions.
One of these conditions is the vaccine pass requirement. This requires any member who physically attends the AGM to provide electronic or documentary proof that they have received at least two doses of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine and for this proof to be actively checked before entry to the premises. Numbers of those attending are to be limited to a maximum of 50 per cent of the venue’s capacity, and other Government COVID-19 requirements, as well as the precautionary measures set out in the Appendix to our e-mail of 20 April, would also apply.
To avoid the above complications, and to minimise health risks, we remind members that they do not need to attend the meeting physically to exercise their voting rights, and encourage them to appoint the Chairman of the AGM to vote on their behalf, using the proxy form provided here. Members can watch the AGM proceedings live at
We shall continue to keep Members informed of any significant developments prior to the AGM.

Best regards,

George Leung




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