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Tourists in 'Paradise'

Goldjoy Travel believes there is more money to be made from treating tourists fairly than there is from running scams

Goldjoy Shopping Paradise will open its doors in this summer to all tourists looking for a place to relax, shop and dine in the knowledge that they are getting the best value for money anywhere in Hong Kong -- all under one roof.

Interview Date: 2003/06

Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd

Empowering Businesses Through E-solutions

Eleven corporations – ranging from banks to container terminal operators – got together in 1988 with the common vision of promoting e-commerce to facilitate trade in Hong Kong, which resulted in the establishment of Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited.

Interview Date: 2017/11

Taking a Trip

Technology mixed with the personal touch at gives users a social
as well as seamless travel experience, reports Chamber staff writer Caleb Cheung

Interview Date: 2019/05

Tsit Wing Coffee Co Ltd

Cream of the Crop

Tsit Wing Coffee has grown from a small store to a listed company providing a wide range of food and beverage services, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Charles Chung

Interview Date: 2019/06

Tung Fat Ho Building Material Ltd

Thriving With Changes

Tung Fat Ho exemplifies how sound leadership and a firm philosophy can help a small business step up and assume a leading position, writes William Ngo

Interview Date: 2016/05

Turkish Airlines

Connecting the World

Plenty of young people take on casual work while they study. But few can rival Ahmet Serhat Sari, who turned his student job into a high-flying career that has taken him around the world.

Interview Date: 2017/12

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