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P C Woo & Co

Legal Expansion

As one of the oldest solicitor firms in Hong Kong, P C Woo & Co was the first local law firm to set up offices in Chengdu, Sichuan, and as of today, they remain the only Hong Kong firm there, said Moses Cheng, who has been with the firm for decades. He was the mastermind behind the expansion, under CEPA. He explained they set up a joint venture with Beijing law firm Zhonglun W&D and extended their services to 18 major cities on the Mainland.

Interview Date: 2017/08

Pat Chun International Ltd

Eight Decades and Three Generations of Deliciousness

Pat Chun has retained a place in Hongkongers’ kitchens by releasing new products while staying true to its emphasis on quality, reports Chamber writer Elaine Chan

Interview Date: 2016/10

Perpetuum Wealth Management Ltd.

Planting the Seeds of Success

Chief of wealth management firm learnt about hard work from previous jobs ranging from tree planter and telemarketer to teacher

Interview Date: 2018/11

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Ltd

Serving The Majority of Air Travellers

After a career in investment banking, Song Hoi-see was driven by a heartfelt desire to “do something for the majority” and ventured out to start his own business that allows travelers flying economy class to enjoy airport lounge privileges.

Interview Date: 2016/11

Polytrade Paper

Pioneer in marketing environmentally friendly paper in Hong Kong opens companies' eyes to the benefits of recycled paper

When Michael Chan was given the job of promoting a brand of high quality paper to the local printing trade, he thought he might as well be trying to sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.

Interview Date: 2003/12

Polytrade Paper Corporation Ltd

Polytrade Paper Celebrates Two Decades with the Chamber

Michael Chan has been in the paper industry for over 50 years. With the rise of the design industry, the increase of American companies in Hong Kong and their focus on corporate branding, he introduced a wide selection of premium papers from an American paper mill in the ‘70s.

Interview Date: 2015/12

PR in the Spotlight

I have always believed that professionals don't need people managing them. This is a 'people' industry, so all staff have to be professional...

Just twelve years ago, Mr Tsang, Chairman and Managing Director of Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG), set up his public relations company with a staff of just five. Today, he says SPRG is the largest public relations company in the SAR, employing around 110 staff in Hong Kong alone.

Interview Date: 2008/08


Firm celebrates 100 years in HK

Arthur Rylands Lowe was a man with ambition. Just four years after the English accountant journeyed from London to Hong Kong to work for then Butterfield & Swire in 1898, he resigned to start up his own business.

Interview Date: 2003/01

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