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Sam Seng Winery

Here's to your health Sam Seng -- cheers!

Sam Seng, Sam Seng Antler Pilose Medicinal Wine -- fantastic for men and women's health. Although this may not be the most poetic of slogans, Hong Kong TV viewers know the 20-year-old commercial chant by heart. The story of Sam Seng Winery, however, is virtually unknown.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Sam’s Tailor

Small Is Beautiful

Bespoke tailoring never goes out of fashion, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Amy Wong

Interview Date: 2016/03

Scarfell Enterprises

Hong Kong's Flying Dutchman: After living in Hong Kong for 37 years, Joop B M Litmaath said life here still gives him a kick

Onstage, jazz pianist Joop Litmaath leads his band in a high-energy performance of trad-jazz, weaving a tight blend of crowd-pleasing jams and the solo work that he loves.

Interview Date: 2002/12

Scarfell Enterprises Ltd

The Flying Dutchman of Hong Kong

Seven years after releasing his autobiography titled 'Far East of Amsterdam,' long-serving Chamber member Joop Litmaath talks with The Bulletin Editor Malcolm Ainsworth about his revised version, 'The Flying Dutchman of Hong Kong,' and his inspiration for the book

Interview Date: 2010/03

Schoolteam (Asia) Ltd

Building Up Education with IT

“Education shapes our society, so we need to provide good learning tools for our young people,” said Anthony Koo.

Interview Date: 2016/05

Shell Hong Kong

Company looking to develop new, cleaner sources of energy

You may not have thought about Shell on your way to work this morning, but chances are high that Shell was helping you make your journey in one way or another -- and I don? mean just the fuel or lubricants for cars or buses, says Andy Ku, director of Shell Hong Kong. "Even the road you were travelling on was most likely built using the bitumen that Shell produces."

Interview Date: 2002/09

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

Staying Successful in the Hospitality Industry

With over 39 years of international involvement in the hospitality industry, Charles Woo, Managing Director of Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, has a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge. Indeed, Woo was one of the very first hoteliers to be involved in setting up international hotels in Mainland China in the 1980s.

Interview Date: 2017/08

Simmons Bedding & Furniture (HK) Limited

Sweet Dreams

We tend to take sleep for granted, but the quality of sleep can profoundly affect how we feel and function, as anyone who has not had a good night’s sleep can attest to. As one of the leading names in the bedding industry, Simmons’ mission is to improve the quality of sleep for everyone.

Interview Date: 2017/09

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