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The Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Ltd

Testing & Certification Poised for Growth

The testing and certification industry has been added as a new economic pillar for Hong Kong’s future development

Interview Date: 2012/02

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation[The Chamber's Oldest Members]

Established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation served the needs of the merchants of the China coast and financed the growing trade between China, Europe and North America. Today, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation is a principal member of the HSBC Group -- one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisation.

Interview Date: 2002/09

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited[The Chamber's Oldest Members ]

The company, whose premier brand is The Peninsula group of hotels, traces its roots to 1866 and two principal cities, Hong Kong and Shanghai. One of the first three companies to be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, HSH has been under the stewardship of the majority owners, the Kadoorie family, for much of its history.

Interview Date: 2002/09

The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong

Spanish Bonds

Students discover the joy of speaking Spanish and develop a strong bond with the language, teachers and culture, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Yannas Chung

Interview Date: 2019/09

The Translation Business Ltd

The Changing Role of Translators

Understanding culture and context as well as analytical thinking are key to the success of The Translation Business, reports the Chamber’s staff writer Yannas Chung

Interview Date: 2019/03

The Wall Street Journal Asia

A Trusted Voice

The Wall Street Journal is thriving amid disruption of the media sector thanks to its focus on quality content

Interview Date: 2019/02

TMF Hong Kong Ltd

Global Outlook

“To me, there is no better way to transform myself than living in a new culture – by adapting new ways of thinking and behaving as well as new beliefs,” said Margaret Fung

Interview Date: 2018/11

Tom Lee Music

Promoting the world's common language is a life-long ambition for Tom Lee Music's Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman John Lee

It's hard to imagine John Lee as a long-haired rocker playing in a rock'n'roll band in between his business studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Sporting a business-buzz cut and dressed in a conservative navy blue suit, the 50-year-old entrepreneur admits that while his appearance may look different, his passion for music remains unchanged.

Interview Date: 2003/01

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