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Abdoolally Ebrahim & Company (HK) Limited[The Chamber's Oldest Members ]

Abdoolally Ebrahim & Co (HK) Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1842, and is one of the oldest trading houses in the territory. The company has survived the wars and numerous disturbances that have rocked Hong Kong, not to mention recessions and external trade embargoes, and gone from strength to strength.

Interview Date: 2002/09

AdvB Public Affairs Consulting Limited

Public Relations for Public Policy

AdVB fulfills the tricky task of explaining complex issues and acting as a bridge between businesses, decision-makers and citizens, reports Chamber staff writer German Cheung

Interview Date: 2019/12

Aedas Ltd

Passionate about Architecture

Stephen Cheng, Executive Director of architectural firm Aedas, has good reason to be looking forward to the launch of two major projects to more efficiently link Hong Kong with the Mainland – West Kowloon Station and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Boundary Crossing Facilities.

Interview Date: 2018/05

Ahuja Watchbands

Celebrating 40 Years with the Chamber

Gary Ahuja has been an active member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce for the past 40 years. The Bulletin spoke with him about his business, involvement with HKGCC, and his passion for giving back to the community.

Interview Date: 2013/10

AL Goodwell

Local speaker producer 'resonates' success

Landy Lau recalls how tough starting her business was when she and her husband founded their electronics trading company 17 years ago.

Interview Date: 2004/06

Arnhold & Co Ltd

Arnhold Marks a Century and a Half of Success

Arnhold has overcome regional upheavals and moves to become a leading name in the building materials industry, report Chamber staff writer Hilton Yip

Interview Date: 2016/09

Artech Graphics

Printing Without the Waste

Artech Graphics offers eco-friendly packaging and design solutions for exhibitions

Interview Date: 2020/08

Asia Plantation Hong Kong Ltd

The Smell of Money

Hong Kong is a fast-paced, dynamic city, and people here have to be efficient, results oriented and juggle a dozen tasks to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment. This is also true with investments, but one company is selling investments that require far more patience for nest eggs to grow – trees!

Interview Date: 2013/12

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