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Hai Sang Hong Marine Foodstuffs Ltd

For the Love of Seafood

Hai Sang Hong has worked hard to modernize and promote the traditional dried seafood industry, writes staff reporter Milly Lo

Interview Date: 2015/04

Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd

Sailing Abreast Of the Market

Having been with Hamburg Sud for 24 years, Stefan Kirschner relocated to Hong Kong in 2011 and is now the Managing Director, Region Asia Pacific of Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd.

Interview Date: 2016/07


Billion-dollar business empire rises out of ashes of war on integrity and determination to succeed

Hari Harilela got his first taste of work hawking on the streets of Hong Kong at the age of 10. Today, at 77, he's as active as ever overseeing the family's global billion-dollar hotel, banking and real estate empire.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon

Sharing the Virtues of Kung Fu

Bringing an ancient art into the modern era

Interview Date: 2016/03

HeterMedia Services Ltd

Keeping Pace with Change

HeterMedia embraces change as a way to grow its business and benefit its customers and employees, writes staff reporter Ivy Wong

Interview Date: 2015/11

Hitting the China Bullseye

As a pioneer in developing trade and exhibitions in the Mainland, Adsale has never lost focus of its goal.

The business bookshelves are crammed with tales of innovation, new business models, and technology breakthroughs promising huge financial returns for following the latest management fads. Yet one of the golden rules of business that many of them fail to even mention is "focus."

Interview Date: 2008/08

HKBN Enterprise Solutions Ltd

Leading the Way

With great ambitions, sharp strategy and a big heart, Hong Kong Broadband Network continues to lead the way in the local telecommunications industry, reports the Chamber’s staff writer William Ngo

Interview Date: 2017/08

HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

Extending an Arm to the Community

To respond to the rapidly changing social and economic development of Hong Kong in the 1950s, Hong Kong University (HKU) launched the Department of Extra-Mural Studies (DEMS) in 1957 to offer pioneering courses.

Interview Date: 2017/04

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