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CBRE Benefits from Chamber’s Knowledge-Sharing

Boasting 14 years of experience in Hong Kong’s real estate industry, Tom Gaffney helped Forever 21 open its second concept store and bring Jamie’s Italian Restaurants to Hong Kong. Now, as CBRE’s Managing Director for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Gaffney, who joined the company earlier this year, bears responsibility for all of CBRE’s business activities in those territories. He is also a member of CBRE’s Greater China Executive Committee.

Interview Date: 2016/09

Octopus Cards Limited

OCL Appreciates Chamber’s Efforts in Leading Business Sector

As the CEO of Octopus Cards Limited (OCL), Sunny Cheung is always thinking about how the company can make people’s daily lives hassle-free with innovative technology.
His 40 years of experience in the retail banking and payments industry have enabled him to help make the Octopus system one of the world’s leading and most extensively accepted contactless smart card payment systems. Octopus is now widely used in many aspects of Hong Kong daily life including public transport, parking, retail, vending machines and kiosks, schools and leisure facilities, and access control for residential and commercial buildings nowadays.

Interview Date: 2016/09

Duff & Phelps (HK) Holdings Ltd

Broadening Businesses’ Networks

Having served as a director-manager in the manufacturing industry and a solicitor partner at an international law firm prior to joining Duff & Phelps, Patrick Wu has broad experience in many areas including banking, business acquisitions, real estate and investment in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Holding a Masters Degree from London and being a qualified lawyer, Wu is now the Regional Managing Director of the Valuation Advisory Services practice for Greater China at Duff & Phelps.

Interview Date: 2016/08

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) LTD

Chamber Acts as Bridge for Konica Minolta

Robert Ip rose to become the company’s first Chinese managing director in March 2016, leading over 600 employees in Hong Kong, having joined Konica Minolta all the way back in 1990 and accumulating extensive management experience.

Interview Date: 2016/08

Gurkha International (Hong Kong) Ltd

Gurkha Security

Gurkha International is dedicated to finding employment for Nepalese,
reports the Chamber’s writer Milly Lo

Interview Date: 2016/07

Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd

Sailing Abreast Of the Market

Having been with Hamburg Sud for 24 years, Stefan Kirschner relocated to Hong Kong in 2011 and is now the Managing Director, Region Asia Pacific of Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Ltd.

Interview Date: 2016/07

ISI-Dentsu of Hong Kong, Ltd

High-Tech Solutions for the Corporate World

For over four decades, ISID has been providing cutting-edge solutions for international corporations while continuing to grow, writes William Ngo

Interview Date: 2016/06

Wings Trading (HK) Company Limited

Sustained Growth with the Chamber

Back in 1980, Benson Pau was looking to apply for a Certificate of Origin provider from among several designated associations in town. He eventually chose HKGCC and then decided to become a member because he believed that the Chamber could provide professional and immediate support to his new business –Wings Trading (HK) Company Limited, a service-oriented and quality-conscious supplier of house wares.

Interview Date: 2016/06

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