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Sportswear at the Cutting Edge
Sportswear at the Cutting Edge運動服飾走在尖端<br/>SuperX

What do a medieval suit of armour and a running t-shirt have in common? The answer is that they both use the highest technology available to facilitate movement and enhance performance. In the Middle Ages, armour was refined to improve the agility and fighting capability of warriors. Today, athletes benefit from technology developments in apparel that allow them to give their best performance – whether they are professionals or plodders.

A group of Chamber members learned about this and the latest advances in activewear during a visit to the Super X showroom in Wan Chai on 1 March. The tour was organized by the Chamber’s SME Committee as part of its Enterprises Sharing series. Maria Chui, Chief Operating Officer of Super X, explained the history of the company to the group, including its successful managerial reform programme, as well as the latest sportswear trends. 

Super X was established in 1991, and in its early years was a garment manufacturer. To meet the evolving needs of the sportswear market, the company started to focus more on technology and R&D, registering its first patent in 2009. 

The various technologies used in the company’s products can keep the wearer hot or cool, support muscles, absorb sweat and speed up recovery time. They include far-infrared, or FIR, where metal is woven into the fabric to emit a “natural and constant energy in the infrared frequency range,” according to Super X.

This far-infrared technology is also employed in the company’s bottle holders, which can help athletes absorb water or sports drinks more efficiently. Members saw this technology in action when they had a taste of wine that had been changed by the far-infrared technology.