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Tomorrow’s Retail Experience
Tomorrow’s Retail Experience 未來零售體驗<br/>

Trying clothes on in a cramped changing room may become a thing of the past as technology continues to change how we shop. Augmented Reality (AR) mirrors not only let you virtually “try on” a range of outfits, but also connect you with the online store so you can make the purchase there and then.

A group of members had the opportunity to see for themselves during an exclusive visit to AlipayHK Futureland on 15 March organized by the Chamber’s Retail & Tourism Committee. 

The 4,000-square-foot Futureland pop-up demonstrated a range of other innovative shopping experiences during its two-week residency at Cityplaza in Tai Koo.

Another big draw at the exhibition was the Eslite New Living Unmanned Store. Retail innovations here included the “smart product shelf” system, which allows users to see details about any product simply by picking up the item. A screen next to the shelf senses a customer’s actions and automatically displays the price and other information – reducing the need for sales staff to be present. Then at the checkout, RFID technology enables customers to quickly pay for the items purchased. 

Other areas included the Skills for Bills Experience Zone, showcasing how bills can easily be settled using an e-wallet, while the Smart Community Interactive Zone allowed the visitors to use their Alipay e-wallets to play an interactive game around Futureland, earning shopping discounts as prizes.