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Smart Tech Experience at DIGIBox
Smart Tech Experience at DIGIBox <br/>體驗DIGIBox智能科技

Smart Tech Experience at DIGIBox <br/>體驗DIGIBox智能科技

Smart Tech Experience at DIGIBox <br/>體驗DIGIBox智能科技

Students explore the developments of virtual entertainment

Fifty students from the Diocesan Girls’ School visited 3 Hong Kong's innovation centre, DIGIBox, in Tsing Yi on 25 November to learn more about smart technologies and the metaverse. 

Kenny Koo, CEO & Executive Director of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Lt d (HTHK), which operates 3 Hong Kong, introduced the company and the story behind the DIGIBox logo. "When designing the logo, we wanted to add an element to represent our company, and replaced the letter’B' with the number'3'. DIGIBox is a global brand name owned by Hutchison;' Koo explained. 

The centre, which exhibits state-of-the-art 5G solutions, is a sprawling 5,000-square-foot space featuring four dedicated zones – Capella, Regales, Electra, and Altair & Eltanin. The zones showcase innovative and practical 5G applications: smart city, smart retail, smart entertainment, art tech, and smart education. 

Michael Yu, Associate Innovation Business Manager of HTHK, gave a demo of the products and services in each zone. Students also got to try out some of the latest applications in robotics, loT eco-systems, AR marketing and 5G MEC cloud gaming. 

The second part of the visit consisted of a workshop on metaverse art. Professor Kelvin Leung, Chief Operations Officer of UFO Tech Academy, explained the concept of NFTs and the metaverse, and the students learnt how to design avatars on the laptops they had brought along. They followed Leung's step-by-step instructions on modelling, colouring and rendering, and later posed for photos with their unique creations. 

At the end of the trip, Leung encouraged the students to learn more about the metaverse - a virtual world of possibilities and potential value that is too big to ignore.


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