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As the premier business organization of Hong Kong, the Chamber is a leader in promoting business interests and integrity. These policy statements and Code of Ethics represent what the Chamber stands for in the respective areas.

They are approved by the Chamber’s General Committee and we urge all of our members to observe these statements and to incorporate the principles stated in the statements into their business practices as much as possible.

2017/05/19Chamber's View and Recommendations on Further Liberalization Measures under CEPA
The Chamber submits its proposals for further liberalization and implementation of CEPA to the Mainland and Hong Kong governments every year.
2017/05/15Policy Priorities for the New Administration
The Chamber calls on the incoming Government led by Carrie Lam to focus on a number of key areas and to implement measures that would unite the community and promote engagement, transparency, inclusiveness and competitiveness, among other objectives.
2017/04/27Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030
The Chamber welcomes the Government's proposals under the updated masterplan "Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030." It is encouraging that the Government is planning to build a green, smart and liveable city, but the Chamber worries about how various master plans such as “Hong Kong 2030+,” “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint,” “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+” and “Railway Development Strategy 2014” can be aligned with each other; and how labour supply and talent development can meet demand for our future development.
2017/04/25Proposal to Mandate Ocean-going Vessels and River Trade Vessels to use Compliant Fuel within Hong Kong Waters
The Chamber supports the HKSAR Government’s proposal to mandate ocean-going vessels and river trade vessels to use compliant fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5% by weight within Hong Kong waters from 1 January 2019 onward, and recommends adding a provision in the legislation to adopt the 0.1% requirement in the event that the Mainland Government decides to adopt a more stringent standard, so as to bring us in alignment with the emission requirement of the PRD’s Emission Control Area.
2017/03/03Consultations on Legislative Proposals to Enhance Regulatory Regime for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
The Chamber has submitted its views to a government consultation on proposals to reinforce legislation and regulate certain non-financial businesses and occupations for combating money laundering and terrorist financing in Hong Kong. In its submission of 3 March, the Chamber agrees in principle with the spirit to promote business compliance but points to questions regarding the practicality, reasonableness and proportionality of the Government’s approach to achieving such goals.
2017/02/15Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print Consultancy Study
The Chamber supports the HKSAR Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely as an accelerator to develop Hong Kong into a smart city, and emphasize the fundamental importance of Smart Government and Smart Citizen among the six themes for the development of an innovative and sustainable smart city.
2017/01/04Developing Kowloon East into a Smart City District-Feasibility Study Stage 1 Public Engagement
The Chamber supports the Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely as an accelerator to develop Hong Kong into a smart city (or a “livable city”), and the selection of Kowloon East to trial run some feasible initiatives.
2016/12/30Consultation on Measures to Counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
The Chamber has submitted its views to a government consultation on proposed measures to counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) in Hong Kong. The Chamber calls on the Government to do its utmost in striking a balance between protecting local interests and aligning with international standards when implementing the BEPS package in Hong Kong so as to avoid undue compliance burden to enterprises.

2016/12/29Proposals to Enhance the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme
The Chamber generally supports the FDRC’s proposals to enhance the service features of the current Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme. The Chamber has also flagged a number of issues that the FDCR should pay attention to if and when its proposals are implemented.
2016/12/142017- 2018 Policy Address cum Budget Submission
Hong Kong must return to its roots and regain its reputation of being a business-friendly, free market economy with light-touch regulation. Any policy intervention be accompanied by a rigorous regulatory impact assessment. A holistic approach should be taken in this regard.
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