Submissions and Reports

As the premier business organization of Hong Kong, the Chamber is a leader in promoting business interests and integrity. These policy statements and Code of Ethics represent what the Chamber stands for in the respective areas.

They are approved by the Chamber’s General Committee and we urge all of our members to observe these statements and to incorporate the principles stated in the statements into their business practices as much as possible.

2019/04/02Trade Marks (Amendment) Bill 2019
The Chamber supports the updating of Hong Kong’s laws to allow the implementation of the Madrid Protocol domestically.
2019/03/29Consultation Paper 2 on 2018 Draft Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
The Chamber has called for clarification of a few matters outstanding from the last round of consultation in 2016. The Chamber has also suggested that instead of a selective approach, all antitrust (competition) matters should be excluded from the Convention.
2019/03/05Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Archives Law
The Chamber supports the proposal to introduce legislation on the management of government information subject to a number of conditions. These include clarification on the definition of “public interest” where an application for exemption under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance is made, and that the proposed Law be applicable to all government and public bodies rather than on a selective basis.
2019/03/05Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Access to Information
The Chamber welcomes the proposal to provide statutory backing to the access of government-held records. At the same time, the Chamber has drawn attention to the need to protect business information and accord the latter with the same level of protection as personal data, while calling for a definition of “public bodies” and those subjecting these the proposed Access to Information Law. The Chamber has also argued that no fee should be levied on requests for information.
2019/02/27Review of Telecommunications Regulatory Framework
The Chamber suggests the need for a comprehensive review of the Telecommunications Ordinance to ensure that regulations keep pace with technological advancements and to facilitate the rollout of 5G mobile networks.
2019/02/19The second draft of the “Law of the People's Republic of China on Foreign Investment (Draft)
The second draft of the “Law of the People's Republic of China on Foreign Investment (Draft)”was released for public opinion and comment at the end of 2018. The Draft aims to boost the Mainland’s economic development by attracting more foreign capital. Most members of the Chamber generally support the provisions contained within the Draft. However, the Chamber has some concerns about whether the proposed law will apply to Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, as the Draft does not clarify this issue. In its submission, the Chamber also shared its thoughts on a number of other areas in the Draft.
2019/01/24HKGCC Budget Proposals for 2019-2020
The Chamber has urged the Financial Secretary to help Hong Kong prepare for economic challenges ahead and hone our competitiveness. In its submission to the Government’s 2019-20 Budget, the Chamber also reiterated that it is crucial that a proper regulatory impact assessment framework be established, and recommended replicating the preferential tax treatment for Hong Kong residents practised in Qianhai and Hengqin across the Greater Bay Area on an incremental basis.
2019/01/09Statement of Support for a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Scheme
The Chamber welcomes and supports the Government’s introduction of a bill on 14 November 2018 to implement a charging scheme for the purpose of reducing municipal solid waste. As an advocate of the polluter-pays principle, we believe that such a charging scheme would contribute to the reduction of waste at source and in promoting a greener lifestyle.

2018/11/06Joint Submission to Beijing on Personal Income Tax
The PRC Ministry of Finance and the PRC State Administration of Taxation jointly released the Consultation Draft on the Detailed Implementation Rules of the PRC Individual Income Tax Law and the Provisional Implementation Measures of the Additional Itemized Deductible Items for public comment on 20 October, 2018. The four major local chambers jointly submitted a letter to the Ministries of Finance and State Administration of Taxation on 14 November to reflect Hong Kong businesses’ concerns and suggestions.
2018/11/05Proposed Amendments to the Occupational Retirement Scheme Ordinance
The Chamber supports the Government’s efforts to implement anti-tax avoidance measures for plugging the loopholes of misusing or abusing Hong Kong to obtain ORSO exemption. We also call for a proper regulatory assessment in certain areas to ensure Hong Kong’s competitiveness would not be undermined, in particular an absolute ban on new exemption applications under ORSO.
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