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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company

Founded in 1862, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company (HKCG) was the first public utility in Hong Kong. Its principal business comprises the production and distribution of gas, marketing of gas and gas appliances, as well as comprehensive after-sales services. Since the 1970s, town gas has been produced from naphtha and is one of the cleanest, most efficient and environmentally-friendly fuels.

The Lantau Link, a US$68 million network project, was commissioned in 1997, bringing gas supplies to the new Chek Lap Kok International Airport and adjacent Tung Chung New Town developments. In 2000, the total pipeline network in Hong Kong extended to over 2,900 km, supplying gas to more than 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers.

In 1999, HKCG took the lead in using landfill gas for commercial purpose. The use of landfill gas in gas production helps conserve natural resources and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

With a firm base in southern China through the establishment of joint ventures in Panyu, Zhongshan, Fangcun, and Guangzhou, HKCG continues to explore opportunities in developing city gas projects and gas-related business in Mainland China. Recently, the xompany has established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Towngas International Company Limited to develop business initiatives in China.

In 2000, HKCG also started to operate two dedicated liquefied petroleum gas filling stations which contribute to better air quality in Hong Kong. The company's diversification into new businesses, such as e-commerce through the "iCare" family portal, credit card, and household protection packages promise good prospects for future development.

Towngas is now widely acclaimed as a customer-focused and market-oriented company. It will continue to break new ground, contribute to the territory's well being and enhance people's quality of life.