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High-Tech Solutions for the Corporate World

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID) started out in 1975 as the first private computer time-sharing service (TSS) provider in Japan, joint venture between Dentsu Inc. and General Electric (GE). With the support of GE’s massive computer center over international networks, ISID has since provided innovative solutions and supported the overseas expansion of many industry leaders in Japan ranging from the financial to manufacturing domains.

Carrine Wong, Chief Executive Officer of ISID Hong Kong, joined ISID from General Electric in the 1990s and witnessed the growth of the Tokyo-based company from a small operation focusing on Japanese clients to a multinational industry leader. The Hong Kong office manages both Hong Kong and Taiwan operations.

“Our first decade of operation was very much focused on Japanese clients. In fact, all of our clients were Japanese,” said Wong. “Today, one-third of our clients are non-Japanese, and we plan to increase that to 40%.”

ISID now boasts overseas subsidiaries spanning four regions – North America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia – offering localized consultancy services tailor-made for specific regional needs. More than 2,500 employees now work from 26 offices in nine countries to serve their clients, which include multinational companies in areas such as airlines, hotels, banks, financial services, trading, and manufacturing as well as SMEs.

“The company’s main goal now is to grow exponentially in the Asian market,” says Wong.

Growing next-gen business

ISID provides a wide range of services but its flagship solution remains its Banking & Compliance Solution, which includes regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering, leasing and finance systems.

“By bringing solutions tailored to local banks, in 2006 we acquired 80% of the banking compliance market of Taiwanese banks in Hong Kong,” said Wong.

Digital Customer Engagement Solution, a mobile and online messaging software, has also become one of ISID’s most sought-after services.

“No more customers’ time needs to be wasted in endless telephone systems,” says Wong. She explained that maintaining a telephone line is inefficient and expensive. “By improving the online customer service experience, we bring in more sales, more satisfaction and lower support costs.”

Fintech in Hong Kong

The field of Fintech has seen rapid development in recent years. In light of this, ISID, jointly with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. and Dentsu Inc., established FINOLAB, a startup incubation center in Tokyo this year. Their aim is to assist foreign and domestic startups to enter the Japanese market and to build a Fintech business ecosystem in the country. Twenty-five startups were finally included in FINOLAB, which was double the original target.

“We are looking to bring such concepts to Hong Kong,” said Wong. When asked about Hong Kong’s role in this latest global trend, Wong said, “We see Hong Kong as a bridge between China and foreign countries, particularly Japan. We have the privilege of being able to understand the differences in languages, business cultures and business models between China and other countries.” However, Wong added that a major obstacle in Fintech is unifying global regulations.

Giving back to society

Corporate social responsibility is also important for ISID. The company participated in the Peace Box Campaign this Easter, during which the staff and their family members filled shoebox-sized Peace Boxes with various gifts such as household goods and toys to share with those in need. Together with an NGO, they stacked more than 10,000 boxes into a sculpture to spell the word “JOY” and distributed the boxes to children the following day.

For its efforts in embracing CSR by caring for the community, environment and employees, ISID was recently named as a “Caring Company 2015/2016”by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Wong says CSR will continue to be a major part of ISID’s development.