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Chamber Events Inspire Us to Think Big

As the person in charge of business development at Tenson Medicare Co Ltd, Shirley Ng has often had to use her extensive sales and marketing experience to help the company survive difficult times and grow over the years.

“Running a business is not an easy task, and we have had to weather storms one after another,” said Ng, a Chamber member since 2001. “But challenges always come with opportunities so we always need to think carefully about finding the way out.”

Tenson supplies a wide range of medical and surgical items, elderly products, and beauty  and baby accessories. When the SARS outbreak in 2003 hit beauty parlours, Tenson’s main customers at that time, the company still managed to expand its business significantly by increasing its supply of hospital consumables such as face masks and protective gowns.

Today, Tenson has diversified its wholesale business into the retail sector so that besides selling to hospitals, elderly homes, beauty parlours, pharmacies and departmental stores, it also sells to consumers in stores, including its own retail outlet.

Ng enjoys attending business talks and training workshops organized by the Chamber, and she reads The Bulletin to keep abreast of the latest economic and market developments favouring or threatening her businesses.

“All these Chamber events inspire us to think big and help us survive and grow.” Ng concluded. “The HKGCC, being one of the largest business associations in Hong Kong with many large member companies, is the place where SMEs like us can gain the impetus to move forward.”


Company: Tenson Medicare Co Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKT0491

Established: 1992