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Tunbow Group Ltd

Company Background

Tunbow Group is a subsidiary of Town Ray’s Holdings Limited, a listed company on the Main Board of SEHK (StockCode 1692). Tunbow Group is a diversified business that integrates design, product development, research and development and production quality management.

Business Activities

We primarily focus on the development and/or application of new technology and products to expand our product portfolio, and the improvement of our existing products in terms of appearance, dimensions, capabilities, functionalities and production cost. Our electrothermic household products can be grouped into two categories, namely: (i) garment care appliances, including steam generator irons, garment steamers and steam irons; and (ii) cooking appliances, including coffee machines, steam cooking appliances and other cooking appliances.

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Membership No. HKT0791
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Year Joined 2020
Nature of Business
  • Manufacturing
Product Provided
  • Electrical Household Appliance