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New Horizons Global Partners Ltd

Company Background

New Horizons Global Partners is Asia’s leading payroll outsourcing provider and human resource specialist. The company operates a platform that helps international companies to engage and manage a global workforce without having to cope with legal complexities and uncertain cost, minimizing the global expansion risk by not having to set up business operations in each country where its clients engage employees.

By providing employment contracts and labor laws expertise from its own payroll specialist entities, New Horizon’s business model allows globally-active corporations a market entry in record time. On-site staff is simply managed on behalf of the client companies on the payroll of New Horizon’s local subsidiary, taking care of all payroll and tax related matters as per country-specific laws, compliance and best practices.

Business Activities

• Global Employment Services (PEO, payroll outsourcing, employee leasing, labor dispatch)
• Recruiting and Headhunting
• Immigration Consulting
• Company Set-up
• Market Research

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