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Meiriki Japan Co Ltd

Company Background

With more than 20 years of experience, Meiriki Japan fully understands customer’s needs on health, providing quality, safe and effective health supplements to customers. All products are 100% manufactured and imported from Japan. Whole production process is under stringent supervision and quality assurance in GMP certified manufacturer. All products fulfill Japanese government specifications, as well as international safety standards certified by Japan Food Research Laboratory (J.F.R.L). Before launch to the market, all products must be investigated by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC), in total of 9 quality assurance to ensure the quality and safety.

Meiriki-Japan strives to provide a comprehensive service for physical and mental health, by building the first professional team consisting of a registered pharmacist & nutritionists in Hong Kong. As a team being people-oriented and cares for the community, Meiriki Japan has established numbers of key activities, not only carries on nutritional information to the community in order to improve the public's knowledge of healthy eating and promote well-being, but also delivers healthy, happiness and positive thoughts for life to the community.

Business Activities

Meiriki Japan is one of the leading health supplement companies in Hong Kong. Over the years, we dedicated to provide high quality natural health supplements. Every production process is carried out under stringent supervision and quality assurance. To cater for the emerging health needs of the society, we strive to improve the quality of the product while researching and developing new products.
To further enhance the service to customers, Meiriki Japan has built a team of professional pharmacists and nutritionists. Through consultation and body check, we provide wide-range of premium and personalized services to our customers.

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