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Company Background

MMG Limited (MMG), was originally known as ‘Minerals and Metals Group’.

Minerals and Metals Group was formed in June 2009 following the purchase of the majority of assets of OZ Minerals Limited by China Minmetals Corporation (CMC) through its subsidiary China Minmetals Non-ferrous Metals Co. Ltd.

In December 2010, Minerals and Metals Group was acquired by Minmetals Resources Limited, a subsidiary of CMC that was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1208).

In September 2012, the company changed its registered English company name from Minmetals Resources Limited to MMG Limited to align the assets already operating as ‘MMG’ with the registered company name.

MMG’s major shareholder is CMC. Founded in 1950, CMC is one of China’s major multinational state-owned enterprises. It is a major international conglomerate that involved in the development, production, trading and integration services of metals and minerals, in addition to its finance, real estate and logistics divisions/businesses.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, MMG is a mid-tier, global producer of base metals including copper and zinc.

MMG operates and develops copper, zinc and other base metals products across Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru.

Business Activities

MMG Limited is engaged in the exploration, development and mining of zinc, copper, gold, silver and lead deposits around the world.

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