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China Road Engineering and Investment Co Ltd

Company Background

Founded in July 1982, China Road Engineering and Investment Co Ltd is engaged in construction services and investment business. The company has been deeply trusted by customers and partners, to provide excellent employment opportunities for the local society and to make a strong contribution to the economic development of Hong Kong.

Business Activities

In the competitive market of Hong Kong, the company has always been customer-oriented, by exploring the management, design and construction skills and technology in all aspects of innovation, to provide high-quality, first-class products and services for our customers. Over the past thirty-eight years, our team and professionals with an international vision have benefited from the architectural and investment performance of our colleagues from Hong Kong, to give our customers and partners a "mutual trust and mutual respect" environment. At the same time, safety and sustainability were concerned as the foundation of development of the company, as a responsibility to the society.

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Membership No. HKC1288
Year Joined 2020
Nature of Business
  • Service
Services Provided
  • Other Building & Construction Service