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China Railway First Group Co Ltd

Company Background

China railway first group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as China railway first group) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China railway co., LTD., a fortune 500 company. China railway first bureau, formerly known as the first engineering bureau of the ministry of railways, was founded in May 1950 in tianshui, gansu province. In 1970, it moved to xi 'an from urumqi. In 2000, it was restructured as China railway first bureau group co., LTD. At present, China railway first engineering co., LTD has the special grade qualification of general contracting for railway, highway, municipal public utility and construction projects. Grade I qualification for professional contracting of railway laying and frame beam, bridge, tunnel, highway pavement and highway subgrade engineering; At the same time also has the railway (Ⅱ) levels, municipal, construction industry class a design qualification; And project cost consulting class a, mapping class a and other qualifications.

Business Activities

Civil engineering contracting, material procurement leasing and building materials trade

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Membership No. HKC1282
Year Joined 2020
Nature of Business
  • Trading
Services Provided
  • Other Building & Construction Service
  • Civil Engineering Construction ( Main Contractor )